Sindoh Delhi – Company Profile:

Having manufactured the first copy machines and facsimiles in Korea, Sindoh Delhi has worked its way towards being a global output solution partner. We have grown to be a corporate culture centered around people by focusing on our love for the country, workplace and people, core technological capability and partnership with professionals based on trust.

Sindoh Delhi

Sindoh Delhi

The digital network environment representing the 21st century is going through rapid changes thanks to the growth of mobile and cloud technologies, so customers require more efficient and innovative office environments. Sindoh Delhi provides office systems built around digital all-in-one solutions and printers that surpass customer expectations.
Sindoh Delhi is a group of professionals that includes R&D, sales, manufacturing and service, with solidified partnerships in renowned global enterprises. Our unique expertise and know-how from doing business overseas allow us to penetrate global markets with confidence.

2012 saw the establishment of our U.S branch and this is the year that marks our first steps towards a bigger world. As we have done in the past 50 years, we will continue to pursue constant innovation in the next 50 years as well as successfully expand into other markets such as Europe and Asia.

Sindoh Delhi will be reborn into a company to support all global customers with its management philosophy, “With Customer, With Cost, With Ownership.” I hope you will be with us to witness the days ahead.

Sindoh Delhi – Vision :

Sindoh Delhi aims to be at the top of global enterprises with the management principle, “With Customer, With Cost, With Ownership.”

The slogan “With Customer” says it all – valuing customers and enriching services. Everyone at Sindoh will prioritize customer-oriented thoughts and behavior, which will strengthen our partnership for our growth together. We will expand our market basis into the U.S, China and eventually the whole world while uplifting customer values.

The second idea, “With Cost,” is about the competitiveness of our products. Development QCD of all businesses, including all-in-one printers and office solutions, will be aligned with global standards, while maximizing production efficiency in Korea and China and doubling capacity of global sourcing, especially by focusing on cost competitiveness.

Last, but not the least, “With Ownership” means extensively expanding our new lineup through green designs and human technologies for the improvement of the global brand value of Sindoh. We also promise to be constantly innovative, legitimate and have an honorable management.

Sindoh Delhi will continue to evolve into a global enterprise through endless changes and a challenging spirit based on differentiated product competitiveness that induces trust from customers and industry-leading new lineups.

Sindoh Delhi – Corporate overview :

SINDOH Delhi is a Global company specializing in imaging since its inception in1960.

SINDOH’s growth is based on technology. The first R&D lab in Korea set up in 1982 now has about 260 researchers with master or doctorate degrees in machinery, electronics, chemicals, HW/SW and etc.

Manufacturing divisions of SINDOH are located in Asan in Korea and Qingdao in China. A massive complex of 500,000㎡ has about 3,000 employees and facilities that churn out 2.2 million units of equipment including multifunction copiers, laser printers and finishers, as well as components and consumables such as cartridges, PCB, toners, etc. with great levels of quality and production reliability.

The biggest strengths of SINDOH include a stable financial structure and advanced corporate culture. The company boasts of great financial stability, having stayed in the black for more than 50 years consecutively since incorporation, and has never borrowed from banks or issued promissory notes.

SINDOH Delhi has stayed at the top of the Korean market for more than half a century and is slated to take a step towards global markets.

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